Underwater Hotel in Istanbul


Don’tĀ  want to lose a Dubai hotel is being built under the sea, Istambul builtĀ  hotels are also under the sea that the new plan is completed around 2010.

The hotel is located in the former cigarette factory, a historic building and the 1930 will consist of 7 floors and all rooms have spectacular views ascertained under the beautiful sea.

The hotel also will be one of the 7-star hotel and of course 100% watee-resistant.

Between the hotel under the sea in Dubai and has 2 Istambul similarity that is equally at the bottom of the sea and the price of course is very expensive. :D


  1. omg this is amazing im going to turkey and im staying here i think we have enough money “cough cough” haha totally great its to good to be true lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Holy crap, now that would be something to visit in the future! I wonder if sharks would pass by and you would get to see them. How did they manage to get it underwater though? Wouldn’t the water flush into the walls before the ceiling was made?

  3. yah kira2 ratesnya, will start at about $1,500 a night… :)

  4. Harganya berapa?


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