Most Exspensive House in the world


This is the most expensive house in the world and the first home that exceeds U.S. $ 1 billion. This house is 550feet high, it costs U.S. $ 2 billion. This was built in the middle of downtown Mumbai, India, full of poverty.

Owner’s name is Mukesh Ambani.

This house under construction and will be ready for habitation next year.
This house is used for 1 family (husband, wife, 3 children).

Floor 1 charge for the 6 car parking collection only.
Each of the houses in this gym have each, 1 per person gym.
There is a cinema.
There is ballroom
There are many garden

Want to build like this ??  :D


  1. I would like to see it finished.

  2. thats beautiful (8

  3. Its very beautifull house


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