What is a cabinet-maker, if not a skilled maker of joints? The colour of the wood, or perhaps a near-perfect surface finish, may e the initial things that draw our attention to a piece of  work, but it isn’t very long before we slide open a drawer or begin peering inside a cupboard to see and feel the quality of the joints.

This is hardly surprising, because many people consider joint -making to e the true measure of a crafts-man, not least because cutting fine joint reqires in- depth knowledge of one’s material and degree of proficiency with a wide variety of proficiency with a wide variety of handtools or machines.

In addition, there is the choice of  joint , which reveals something about a wood-worker’s level of experience. A joint must, first all, be functional to provide sufficinet strength, but it should also be in keeping with the overall style of the piece for which it is intended-in short, it must bethe rigt joint for the job.

Finding the recomended joints

  • Corner Mortise and tenon
  • a2Twin Mortise and tenon
  • a3Skewed Mortise and tenon
  • Corner lap joint
  • Stopped Mortise and tenonstop
  • Butt Jointsmiteredbuttjointblog
  • Egde-to-egde joints
  • Dowel jointsdowel
  • Drible Joints
  • Rabbet joints
  • rabit
  • Dado joints
  • HAlf-laps joint
  • Dovetail Joints
  • Finger joints
  • Hinge joints
  • knock-down jointsknock-down
  • Tools and machines
  • Clamping Joints
  • Adhesives


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