Bubbletecture H

Architects :Shuhei Endo
Location :Sayo-cho, Hyogo pref.



This building is designed for the client who is requested that all people who will visit this place including the inhabitants of Hyogo profecture, improves the interest for global environmental concerns and be able to experience various approach as the lace of environmental study.

It was created the new environment architectural space that colud share the point of contact with nature and evironment providing a keyword calle ”the circulation in relaiton with nature for the request’

The architect has designed the Bubbletecture H, which stands out in the middle of beautiful Japanese countryside. The tastefully designed building looks like a bubble and has a theater/lecture hall, a bookshop/gallery and a workshop as well. Though the design looks futuristic, it fits perfectly into the natural landscape. The strangest part of the building is, it stands above the ground and is supported by 16 five-foot wide beams and leaves the land and soil unspoiled. The building is sustainable and is inspired by nature’s cyclical systems. Air circulation happens easily, harvests rainwater and one could use it for irrigation as well. The most important part of this design is the green factor of the design itself!

Though building a structure like this would cost a lot of money and the soil may not allow for digging, it could be incorporated wherever possible. The idea of non intrusion to the soil, green technology, rainwater harvesting and of course, air circulation make it a very applicable design and thought.

The material was chosen not only for characters on the maintenance free or the low maintenance but also of the quality that acquires the form the oneness with a natural spectable obtaining the expression of arhitecture that cooperates with the natural environment that changes and grows up.


  1. No complaints on this end, sipmly a good piece.

  2. I love Hotels Underwater !

  3. Thanks for your opinion :)

  4. Hi,

    From the pictures it seems that the Shuhei Endo buildings cut deep into the natural landscape. Not a perfect fit at all. Frank Lloyd Wright made the same mistake of building for the very rich and consuming forest space and resources rather than building for simplicity and inefficiency. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

    Richard H. Stafursky
    Pres., WSLF
    Conway, MA (Massachusetts), United States (USA)
    (802) 257-9158

    WSL (World Species List Forest)

    The Natural Landscape

    Richard is also known as Dropintheforest on YouTube

    Richard lives in Brattleboro, VT (Vermont), United States (USA)

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